Lights Out (Lights Out #1) by Joey Paul – My Review!!

I decided to dip my toes into the dystopian genre for my latest read and chose Lights Out (Lights Out #1) by Joey Paul. Read on for my thoughts!

Lights Out Cover

Synopsis (from the author):

Ever since the war ended, the United English Cityships have had equality. The rules are clear. You are born, you live and the day following your sixtieth birthday, you are sent off for your final sleep.

Lock is a firm believer in the system. It means that everyone is truly treated equally. It’s only when she checks in an attendee who claims to be younger than her chip says that Lock starts to realise there may be someone gaming the system.

The problem is the corruption goes higher than Lock could even begin to imagine. As her belief in the world she lives in starts to crumble, Lock finds herself wanting justice for those who have gone before their time.

Can she do it? Or will they silence her before she can get the word out?

What I liked:

Lights Out was an interesting read and there are many things in it that could apply to today’s world.  However, that is not the focus of my review. Lock, our protagonist, is a good character. There was ample diversity in the book and I liked the idea of everyone treated the same. But, as with most “utopian society” ideas, it really isn’t fair. The mystery is who makes the decision and how can it be stopped? And, does society even want it stopped? No spoilers from me, so you’ll just have to read it to find out!

What I didn’t like:

For me, the story dragged in a few places and it took a while to get to the heart of the story. Some of the characters were a little underdeveloped (Chris, for example), and there was too much repetition in the characters’ mannerisms.

Overall impression:

Lights Out by Joey Paul had many good elements. Lock’s character was good, the storyline intriguing, and the mystery behind who was gaming the system added a nice touch. If you enjoy dystopia, read this one!

My rating:

4 Stars

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