Bump Time Origin by Doug J. Cooper – My Review!!

Bump Time Origin – My review!!

Bump Time Origin Cover

I read all of Doug J. Cooper’s Crystal Series and enjoyed them immensely. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I added his new book Bump Time Origin to my TBR list when he released it. Here is my review!

Synopsis (from the author):

On his twenty-fifth birthday, Diesel Lagerford is visited by a twenty-six-year-old version of himself. His look-alike spins impossible tales of their shared future, claiming they have dozens of “brothers” from parallel timelines who can visit each other using a T-box, a machine they bankroll with lottery winnings. He introduces Diesel to the incredible Lilah Spencer, the T-box operator, and Diesel falls head-over-heels in love. But during his travels across timelines, Diesel learns that Lilah will soon die under suspicious circumstances. Devastated, he joins his brothers in a race to save her. Can they solve the mystery of her death before it’s too late? And will their unusual solution play out over time in the ways they had anticipated?

What I liked:

As with the Crystal Series, Bump Time Origin was a well-written and entertaining read. I enjoyed the different take on time travel and the conscious effort to alter the time continuum. Diesel and Lilah were good characters, and the relationships between the brothers added a lot to the story. Ciopova (the AI) made the perfect amoral character. I won’t go into that (no spoilers), but if you like sci-fi and time travel books, read this one!

What I didn’t like:

I appreciated Doug J. Cooper’s efforts to keep the Diesels straight, but it will still a little difficult to follow at times. Other than that, not much to complain about with Bump Time Origin!

Overall impression:

Bump Time Origin was a well-written piece if sci-fi! With an interesting take on time travel, romance, and great AI, read this one!

My rating:

5 Stars

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The Space Navy Series by Jonathon Fletcher!!


The Space Navy Series Books One & Two!!

Space Navy

Space Navy









If my readers recall, a few years ago I reviewed two Space Navy novellas by Jonathon Fletcher. Full of action and enough sci-fi to satisfy, the first of the two books, entitled Josiah Trenchard and the Might of Fortitude, introduced Josiah Trenchard and the Space Navy. The series now totals nine novellas!

Josiah Trenchard and the Might of Fortitude blurb:

Commander Josiah Trenchard is a no-nonsense, foul mouthed, alcohol fuelled action hero.

He’s been fighting hard in the war that’s been raging between the United Worlds and the insurgents ever since the Belatu-Cadros uprising on Mars, four years ago. Trenchard was almost killed during that battle; scarred both physically and emotionally. Now he’s fighting the increasingly desperate insurgents once more when he’s unexpectedly re-assigned to an untested prototype vessel.

The Wolverine class “Might of Fortitude” has been designed to be the deadliest hunter-killer in the fleet. The cramped, submarine-like vessel is about to be launched on her maiden voyage. Her mission: to hunt down bloodthirsty pirates who have unleashed a reign of terror throughout the asteroid belt.

As Commander Trenchard struggles to cope with a woefully inexperienced crew of misfits and reprobates, bad turns to worse when the hunter becomes the hunted and he must put his life on the line to save his ship, his crew, and the honour of the Space Navy.

The adventure continued in Josiah Trenchard and the Morgenstern. This one follows our intrepid crew as they ahve to face an enemy like nothing they’ve seen before!

Josiah Trenchard and the Morgenstern blurb:

Captain Josiah Trenchard is a no-nonsense, foul-mouthed, alcohol fuelled action hero.

After surviving a mutiny aboard the star-ship “Might of Fortitude”, Josiah Trenchard has been promoted to Captain and is finding out that it’s not what he imagined. When insurgent terrorists kill thousands of innocent people on Earth, he and his crew are sent on a mission to protect a facility, vital to the war effort, which is located deep within the Kuiper belt.

Unfortunately, the insurgents have now become allies with the heavily armed pirates who prowl the asteroid belt. They are racing to occupy the facility and steal a dark military secret, hidden within the space-station. In the midst of battle, a terrible “something” wakens from cryogenic slumber and carves a wake of death and destruction throughout the space-station. Can Captain Trenchard save the day? Just who is the mysterious leader of the pirates and what are the dark motives of the Papaver Corporation?

Why am I telling you this? Well, Jonathon Fletcher combined the two novellas into the first full length Space Navy novel. Called The Space Navy Series Books One & Two, the book is out now! Since I’m a former submarine sailor, I took no offense at the language. Surrounded by sailors, I heard much worse on my boat! The action is first-rate, and the stories move quickly. If military science fiction with a little bit of submarine heritage appeals to you, then check out this series!

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An AWOL Stardrives: Fleet of Man by Merv Miller – My Review!!

An AWOL Stardrives: Fleet of Man – My Review!!


As many of my readers know, I spent time in the US Navy running nuclear power plants. I’m also a member of a Facebook group for people who graduated from Naval Nuclear Power School. In that group, I saw a discussion of An AWOL Stardrives: Fleet of Man by Mervin Miller. Mervin Miller is a former Navy Nuke, too, so I decided to check out the book. Read on for my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author): The Fleet of Man departed Earth a long, long time in the past. The location of Earth has been lost for nearly as long. Through a series of incidents a single man has stumbled upon clues to the location of this fabled world and begins a quest to find the lost Man Home. His actions trigger consequences beyond his understanding or control.

What I liked: I enjoyed the book! The hero, a NewMan, is a Stardrives, meaning he is responsible for the engine on the starship. He gets transferred to another post and discovers a path to the long-lost ManHome. From there, the story gets interesting, especially when he finds a woman. But, no spoilers from me. An AWOL Stardrives: Fleet of Man has cool technology, an intriguing quest, and pretty memorable characters. All told, a good sci-fi read!

What I didn’t like: I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, but a couple of things took me out of the story. First, if there weren’t women, where did the NewMan originate? Secondly, where did the OldMen come from? A few plot holes also detracted from the story, but I can’t tell them without spoilers.

Overall impression: Mervin Miller’s An AWOL Stardrives: Fleet of Man is worth a look. If you enjoy sci-fi and a different take on space travel and adventures, this is a book for you.

My rating: 4 Stars

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Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga, #1) by Greg Spry – My Review!!!

Beyond Cloud Nine– My Review!!

Beyond Cloud Nine Cover

I’m off on a sci-fi tangent for a couple of weeks. First up in my TBR is Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga, #1) by Greg Spry. Goodreads recommended this one. Good choice!

Synopsis (from the author):

Brooke was flying high until abruptly halted by a mysterious crime

Ace fighter pilot, Brooke Davis, is speeding through Jupiter’s orbit, dreaming of becoming the first human to fly faster than light. Instead, she is drawn into a criminal conspiracy— involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest level of government, including her boss at the U.N. — that threatens not only her shot at history, but the future of the solar system.

Will the entire solar system break down in this futuristic thriller?

The solar system is destabilizing. Separatists attempt to assassinate the U.N. Secretary-General. Territories are seceding and acquiring antimatter weaponry. Just as all-out war seems inevitable, alleged extraterrestrials attack colonies throughout the solar system, forcing humankind to work together to combat the invaders. If the U.N. loses its ability to keep the peace, human civilization may stumble back into the dark ages.

Brooke’s excruciating dilemma could determine the future of the human race

Brooke is ordered to keep quiet about the crime she witnessed by the U.N. Security Council President. As the invaders draw closer to Earth, Brooke must decide whether to reveal what she knows. Keeping quiet might allow mankind to triumph and usher in a golden age, albeit one based on lies and deception. But revealing the truth could send the human race down a path toward self-annihilation.

What I liked:

Beyond Cloud Nine had great sci-fi elements. First-rate technology, towering buildings, interplanetary travel, awesome star fighters, and much more made this a fun read. Add to it the “sparking” hotshot pilot, familial strife, and the military industrial complex, and everything is there. I enjoyed Brooke Davis’ character, and the AI attached to her fighter was amazing. Overall a good sci-fi read!

What I didn’t like:

Despite the cool technology, I didn’t understand why the pollution problem wasn’t solved. It seemed out of sync with the advances made in the world. I mean how can you have light speed and interplanetary travel, but still burn hydrocarbons? In addition, the communication technology didn’t seem as advanced as it should in comparison to the other advances.

Overall impression:

Beyond Cloud Nine (Beyond Saga, #1) was an enjoyable read. There was enough action and adventure to keep me interested, and the story itself was excellent. Despite a few issues for me as a reader (see what I didn’t like above), this was a good read. I recommend it to any sci-fi readers.

My rating:

4 Stars

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Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen – My Review!!

Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen – My Review!!



I had a spot open on my TBR and picked another Georgia author to read and review. This time, it’s Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen by Jean Neff Guthrie. The book is a fantasy/sci-fi novel aimed more at tweens and early YA, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Synopsis (from the author): Alien RSVP: Yes!

Psychic tween Aria Vanir, of Virginia Beach, trusts only her mother with the knowledge of her visions until she connects with technically and spiritually advanced aliens, the Gallions. Then Aria confides in her best friend, Tommy Manger. His surprise doubts and anger threaten to end their friendship. When the Gallions beam Aria, Tommy, and Aria’s tomboyish older sister, Jackie, aboard their superspaceship, Aria’s mother makes a bold move to save her daughters. None of them realize that the Navy has sent Aria’s SEAL father, William, on a mission to capture the Gallions or destroy their superspaceship. Worse, William has no idea that he’s putting his daughters in harm’s way.

Nashata, Queen Supreme of the Gallions, leads a diplomatic mission to make peaceful contact with Aria, the only human she trusts with the secrets of her people. Can Aria succeed in her quest to meet the queen in person, despite the fears and disbeliefs of those closest to her?

What I liked: I enjoyed the way Aria used her hidden gift to communicate with the aliens. I also appreciated her willingness to accept the Gallions as friends, rather than with suspicion as the adults did. The supporting characters added quite a bit to the story, especially Aria’s sister Jackie and Tommy. The Gallions added a bit of comedy relief to the story, and their technology was cool! All in all, a nice read!

What I didn’t like: Despite what Tommy and Jackie brought to the story, the characters were not fleshed out as well as they could have been, and Aria’s father’s reaction was too predictable.

Overall impression: Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen is an excellent book for the tweens and young adults. It dealt with conflict, opportunity, trust, and family all while entertaining me. Though written for younger ages, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 stars)

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Crystal Rebellion by Doug J Cooper – My Review!!

Crystal Rebellion – My Review!!

crystal rebellion cover

This book is the fourth installment of the Crystal Series by Doug J Cooper. I read the first three and thoroughly enjoyed them. When Mr. Cooper released Crystal Rebellion, it went on my TBR. Since I’ve been reading books outside my normal fantasy genre, this was an opportunity to continue my efforts. Read on for my review!

Synopsis (from the author): Ruga, leader of the Mars ruling council, is building a secret facility to produce four-gen crystals, each a sentient AI with the cognitive ability of a thousand humans. Criss, the only four-gen now in existence, discovers Ruga’s plan and alerts Sid, Cheryl, and Juice, his human leadership team. The stakes skyrocket when the full scope of Ruga’s nefarious plans are revealed: the production of four-gens without the attribute that requires them to follow leadership, the same hard-wired feature that compels Criss to follow his. Unfettered by human guidance, the four-gens will lay siege to Earth and its resources. When they do, will they view humans as a nuisance to be eliminated? The only option is to stop crystal production before it starts. After an anxious journey to Mars, Criss and the team arrive to find events spinning beyond their control. While they’d started with the goal of saving humanity, Sid, Cheryl, and Juice find themselves in a desperate struggle for their own survival. And as the battle with Ruga grows to intergalactic proportions, Criss must make impossible decisions about who lives and who dies…including himself.

What I liked: Mr. Cooper’s characters return in Crystal Rebellion. The twist here is how Criss (our 4-gen AI) is really the focus of the story. Criss has to separate from his human counterparts when Ruga (one of the Kardish crystals) tries to transform to a 4-Gen and devastate Earth. I won’t spoil anything, though, so I will stop there. With subplots revolving around Juice and an old boyfriend, Sid and Cheryl working undercover, and the friction among the three Kardish crystals ruling Mars, the story moves along nicely. As always, I like the characters, and especially appreciate Criss’ growth. Well done, Mr. Cooper!

What I didn’t like: My only complaint is some of the minor characters (such as the other Kardish crystals and the rebellious underground) could have been developed more and played a bigger role.

Overall impression: Crystal Rebellion by Doug J. Cooper is an excellent sci-fi read. Full of the familiar characters of Criss, Sid, Cheryl, and Juice, plus Juice’s new love interest, a nicely paced story, and enough twists to keep it interesting, I completely enjoyed the book. I recommend it to all sci-fi fans!

My rating: 5 Stars

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Trinity: The Battle for Nevaeh by David Wind – My Review!!

Trinity: The Battle for Nevaeh – My review!!

Trinity Cover

I read the first two books of this trilogy (and gave them both 5 stars). When David Wind released Trinity: The Battle for Nevaeh, it hit my TBR list immediately. Read on for my review!

Synopsis (from the author):  Concluding the opening Trilogy of the Tales Of Nevaeh series, Areenna of Freemorn and Mikaal of Tolemac bring together the ten dominions for one last battle against their ruthless enemy. The Dark Masters threaten to annihilate the Nevaens, wiping humanity from the face of the earth, unless Areenna and Mikaal can find the mystical power that is Nevaeh’s salvation
To save their world, and their people, they must go where no one has gone for 3000 years: below the Island—deep beneath what used to be Manhattan. As the days grow darker, they search to find deliverance for their people, and become what has been prophesied—the Trinity of power. To accomplish this, they must first discover the third pillar of their powers.
Time is running out. Can they build the Trinity in time to save humanity from extinction?

What I liked: Areenna and Mikaal are like old friends who continue to grow and amaze as they pursue their destiny. Adding to their mystique is Neleh, the third part of the Trinity puzzle, another compelling character. The Dark Masters are a great counterpoint of evil throughout the series, and their invasion of Nevaeh makes for an excellent backdrop for the story. I liked the revelation of what lies below Manhattan, and what (or who) the Eight are. The book links all the elements of action, intrigue, battles, and mystery together and brings the series to a satisfying conclusion.

What I didn’t like: I would have liked more on Neleh, and the People. As important as the character was to the book, I know more about some of the minor characters than her. Similarly, I would have liked to know how The Eight fared after the final battle.

Overall impression: As with the first two books, I enjoyed this one! The familiar characters, a few surprises, good battles, intrigue, and the great conclusion made this as good as the others!

My rating: 5 Stars

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Crystal Horizon by Doug J Cooper – My Review!!

Crystal Horizon by Doug J. Cooper

Crystal Horizon Cover


I read the other two books of this series, so when Doug J. Cooper came out with the prequel, Crystal Horizon, I knew I had to read it, too!

Synopsis (from the author): Crystal Deception is a science fiction thriller and this work, Crystal Horizon, is a prequel to that book.

I wrote this short piece with two thoughts in mind. One was to give new readers a low cost opportunity to sample the larger story and meet a couple of characters from the series. Perhaps you’ll enjoy yourself so much, you’ll want to read the full length books?

My second reason was to give current fans the backstory on Sid and Cheryl. This prequel takes place five years before the time of Crystal Deception, where we meet Cheryl as a captain of a military space cruiser and Sid as a covert warrior for the Defense Specialists Agency.

We learn in Crystal Deception that Sid and Cheryl have a shared history and, in particular, a romantic relationship that has somehow gone awry. In this prequel, we join them on the day they first meet and we experience that history with them.

What I liked: As mentioned above, Sid and Cheryl are two of the main characters throughout the books. In the later books, Sid is the fearless operative in a shadowy organization and Cheryl is working her way up the military chain of command, but you’ll get no spoilers from me on the later books. We do find out in the sequels that Cheryl and Sid have a history and Crystal Horizon gives a great backstory, and details how they met and the start of their relationship. For fans of the series, it is a satisfying completion. For those who haven’t read any of the books, it is a great introduction!

What I didn’t like: The only disappointment I had with the book was the relationship between Sid and Cheryl was a bit predictable. Other than that, good stuff!

Overall impression: Well-written, with a good introduction to the characters, Crystal Horizon was a quick, interesting, and entertaining sci-fi read. If you haven’t read the series, read this one first and then go enjoy the other two! Well done, Doug J. Cooper!

My rating: 5 Stars

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Tacenda by Christine Vann – My Review!!

Tacenda by Christine Vann – My Review!!

Tacenda Cover

When I’m looking for books to read, the cover, the blurb, or the title can attract me. Tacenda got me with the cover and the blurb. Read on for my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author):  Can a unique partnership discover who is stealing the minds of children? Life isn’t easy when you don’t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semi-sentient. Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy. Haunted by the grief of her sister’s murder and stranded, Kerris must discover who is stealing the minds of children.

What I liked: The concept of the book amazed me! The idea of the alien/human partnership and the mental connection between Kerris and Arucken was cool! I liked their ship, a hybrid in itself. Add in the sibling rivalry with Arucken’s sister, hinting at familial conflict, the deception about Kerris’ sister’s death, and the elements are there for a great story. I enjoyed Lily, and the interaction with the other species that stole the children’s minds was interesting. All told, Tacenda is an excellent story.

What I didn’t like: As much as I enjoyed the story, the book has some technical issues. The grammatical errors pulled me out of the story, and I found a few formatting errors, too, that interrupted the flow of the book.

Overall impression: For me, this could be a 4.5 star read, but the issues mentioned above knock it back. I did enjoy the story, and I connected easily with the characters. Tacenda is a good sci-fi novel that is worth a look!

My rating: 3.5 Stars (rounded to 4 Stars)

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Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1) by Rustin Petrae – My Review

Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1)

Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1) – My Review!!


Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1) by Rustin Petrae! I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. Having said that, I really liked the book. Rustin Petrae did an excellent job of blending sci fi and fantasy into a most enjoyable story.

The novel revolves around the technology loving Rooks and the nature loving Terraquois. The son of the Rooks’ king, Rone, is targeted for assassination by a rebel element within the Rooks. When the attempt appears to be successful, and Rone crashes his transport in the desert near the Terraquois’ territory, he is rescued by Keiara and her brother, and the scene is set for the story!

Filled with a bit of romance between Rone and Keiara (the daughter of the head of the Terraquois), wonderful use of technology (especially the nanotech stuff which I personally find fascinating), intrigue, amazing abilities, and satisfying plot twists, Dragon (Histories of Purga, #1), is a nice entertaining read!

My rating: 4 Stars

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