Remnant by John S. Worth – My Review!!

Remnant – My Review!!

Remnant Cover


As my readers know, I occasionally like to step outside my favorite genres and read something different. This time, I picked up Remnant by John Stacy Worth. Remnant is a novel based on the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible. Read on for my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author): For Noah’s sons completing the Ark has always been the first priority, yet they must also find wives. But where, when all the world is corrupt? There is Beth, their mother’s handmaiden, who longs for Japheth but catches Shem’s eye instead. There is also the slave girl, Shandai, nursed back from the brink of death and willing to seduce either one. Meanwhile for Ham there seems to be no one, and a life of inheriting only the scraps of his older brothers. Tension within the family and from without threatens to tear them apart, as Satan uses any means available to destroy God’s remnant; vengeful enemies, the demon spawn Nephilim, and if possible, even one another.

What I liked: Remnant is not your father’s Noah’s Ark story. The story follows Noah’s family as they struggle with the call to build the ark and uphold their beliefs in the face of constant temptation. Throw in a bit of violence, danger, kidnapping, murder, and plot twists and turns, and this is an excellent story! The overriding message of unshakable faith in the face of secular trials holds true to the Biblical message, yet Noah and his family are full of human faults. All in all, Remnant was a good read!

What I didn’t like: While I liked the way the characters filled in the tale, the story seemed to dwell on the negatives without acknowledging any of the goodness outside of Noah’s family.

Overall impression: Remnant by John Stacy Worth is an excellent telling of the Noah’s Ark story. It’s definitely not your run of the mill Bible story. This one has all the human faults and horrible actions that led to the flood. The characters fill the story and hold true to the original tale. If you like historical fiction with underlying Biblical themes, give this one a read!

My rating: 5 Stars

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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy 2016!!

Happy Holidays! I was in my living room last night, helping Aidan and Maggie (yep, the same two whose namesakes grace the pages of The Gemstone Chronicles series) decorate their Christmas tree (we have 2 – one that is the front window of our house where we place most of the presents and a second one we call the kid’s tree). We put many of our favorite ornaments on the kid’s tree, and it always spurs moments of recollection of when we got the ornaments, why they are special, and then we have to find just the right spot for the ornament to hang. It made me want to share some of our holidays with you, my readers and friends! Without further ado, then, here are some holiday images to share!

First, here is our house, well-lit for Christmas! This year, our relatively new boxwood shrubs are finally large enough to light.

Happy Holidays 2015-Christmas-Lights-Web

I really like our front door, too. Our snowman with his red hat and scarf are a great addition to the decorations!

Happy Holidays Christmas-2015-Front-Door


As I mentioned above, we have 2 trees. This is the tree at the front of the that house shines with the rest of the lighted decor to lend our house a festive glow!

Happy Holidays Christmas-2015-Tree

The kid’s tree is beautifully decorated, too. Some of my favorite decorations on this tree are the Noah’s Ark ornaments.

Happy Holidays 2015-Kid's-Tree-Web

Here are my favorite Noah’s Ark ornaments!

Happy Holidays 2015-Noah's-Ark-1


Happy Holidays 2015-Noah's-Ark-2


Happy Holidays 2015-Noah's-Ark-3

To go along with the season, I want to thank all of you readers out there for visiting my blog, leaving me comments, and reading and reviewing my books. You have no idea how much your comments, connections, and feedback mean to me. Thank you all!!

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Have yourselves a safe and happy holidays and best wishes for a fantastic 2016!

Merry Christmas!!