Trouble at Clenchers Mill by Diana J. Febry – My Review!!

I’ve read a couple of Diana J. Febry’s books and enjoyed them. I saw Trouble at Clenchers Mill and added it to the TBR list. Here are my thoughts.

Trouble at Clenchers Mill Cover
Synopsis (from the author):

Somebody wants Richard Fielding dead.
Richard was looking forward to making a fresh start with his new wife, Alicia when they moved into Clenchers Mill. Then the attacks started.
Detained in the hospital after an unusual accident, he dismisses the claim his new wife is trying to harm him. He’s convinced the property attacks are the childish pranks of locals annoyed by his plans for Clenchers Mill. As a successful property developer, he’s seen it all before. Mindful of Alicia’s reluctance to involve the police he instructs Kate and Simon to make discreet inquiries.
Kate and Simon are keen to find the culprit, but are inexperienced and blissfully unaware they are dealing with a determined killer toying with their prey before they strike. Their first case may prove to be their last.

What I liked:

As with Diana Febry’s other books I’ve read, Trouble at Clenchers Mill was a well-written mystery. In keeping with the cozy mystery genre, there isn’t any graphic violence, which is enjoyable for me. The author did an excellent job of spinning the tale and hinting at blossoming romance between Kate and Simon. The secrets uncovered and the peril the characters encountered added a lot to the novel. Very entertaining!

What I didn’t like:

My only complaint about Trouble at Clenchers Mill was the conflict between the pro-hunt and anti-hunt groups. It added a bit to the story, but if further developed could enhance the mystery.

Overall impression:

Trouble at Clenchers Mill was an entertaining read! Good characters, an intriguing mystery, and plenty of suspects made the book a fun read. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, read this one!

My rating:

5 Stars

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The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks by Alan Hardy – My Review!!

The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks – My review!!

The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks Cover

I’m not a big fan of cozy mysteries. Given that, I’m not sure how The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks (Inspector Cullot Mystery Series #1) got on my Amazon recommendations, but with a title like it has, I had to add it to my TBR list. Here are my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author):


Following the murder of a sexy, blonde bombshell (and, soon after, the bloody, gruesome, shocking murder of yet another sexy broad), ex-Inspector Cullot is called in to team up with his old side-kick, Detective Sergeant Watkins, to investigate the baffling crime. Together they set about solving the mysterious deaths at Bounderdales, the opulent mansion of the oil magnate, Henry Barble. A small group of the rich, decadent, sophisticated and ultra-sexy are staying at the mansion. What secrets are each of them harbouring? Who are the guilty parties? And what is the dark secret from his own past which causes Cullot’s frequent moments of dark despair? Why did he leave the Police Force? Did he jump, or was he pushed? Why does he now work in a department store, in Ladies Underwear?

The police constable first on the scene of the initial murder, PC Blunt, is ready to record every detail of the case, and assist his colleagues in their work. But what is his own past..? Is he as half-witted as he seems? What about gorgeous, sexy blonde bombshells, Stephanie and Gloria? And louche, limp-wristed Anthony Newhome? And Barble’s son, Oswald? And Barble’s demure, bespectacled secretary, Abigail? And ex-movie star, Janice Butler? Are they all who they say they are, or are some of them involved in a deadly game of murder and revenge? How are these murders linked to the unsolved Night-Club Hostess Murders which took place two years earlier? And, most puzzling of all, what is the meaning of the tattoos on the gorgeous buttocks of the assembled ladies? Thrill to the suspense, the heart-ache, the twists and turns, the laugh-a-minute of this hilarious, baffling mystery. Get ready to follow the roller-coaster plot, with one surprise after surprise, and scintillating word-play and sparkling dialogue between the marvellous host of characters. Will you be able to work out who did it? A detective/murder mystery like no other…

What I liked:

The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks was an interesting read. Lots of quirky characters, plenty of humorous moments, and a murder made for a good story. Add to the plot the backstory of Inspector Cullot, his interest in ladies undergarments, his dark episodes, and fun plays on words, and you have many elements of an entertaining novel.

What I didn’t like:

My biggest complaint is the book tried too hard to be funny. The constant correction of PC Blount by Watkins (and others), along with the too frequent mispronunciation of his name failed to move the story forward. Cullot’s mysterious musings got old quickly, too. Lastly, the meandering path to solve the mystery made it difficult to follow.

Overall impression:

I was optimistic about reading The Case of the Tattooed Buttocks. Sadly, the book disappointed me to a degree. The book had some neat elements that I enjoyed. Despite the good parts, I tired of the characters constantly correcting PC Blount and the mispronunciation of his name. In addition, the path to solving the mystery meandered a little aimlessly. Lastly, the excessive effort at humor detracted from the story. Perhaps the intent of the book was to poke fun at the cozy mystery genre. All told, if you enjoy racy cozy mysteries, read this one and decide for yourself!

My rating:

3.5 Stars (Rounded to 4 stars)

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e-Murderer (Jenna Scali Mystery, #1) by Joan C. Curtis – My Review!!

e-Murderer (Jenna Scali Mystery, #1) – My Review!!

e-Murderer Cover

As a Georgia author, I like to read, review, and promote my fellow Georgia authors. I set a goal to read one of my colleagues’ books each month. I’m starting with e-Murderer (Jenna Scali Mystery, #1) by Joan C. Curtis!

Synopsis (from the author): On this anything but typical Monday morning, Jenna Scali, who works part-time for a shrink, opens an email that depicts the brutal death of a young girl. On that same day the police uncover a dead coed two blocks from Jenna’s house. The e-murderer’s description creepily echoes the death described in the newspapers.

When Jenna receives other emails, she takes what she knows to the police and thus begins her journey in the path of the e-murderer. Her curious nature impels her from e-messages to dead coeds to a ring of prostitutes. With the help of her quirky friends, Jenna learns that she’s more than a conduit for the killer. She’s his target.

THE E-MURDERER is a race to find a psychotic killer before he kills again.

What I liked: First, many of you know I’m a huge University of Georgia fan. e-Murderer is set in the beautiful home of the Dawgs, Athens, GA. That was a great start! Secondly, Joan C. Curtis spins a nice mystery full of twists and turns, a little romance, and enough memorable characters to keep my attention. Lastly, it kept me guessing until about three-quarters of the book before I finally figured it out. All those things add up to an entertaining read!

What I didn’t like: A couple of the characters didn’t seem to have a reason to be in the story except as maybe a red herring. While I appreciate the attempt to keep me guessing, the eventual culprit made them seem unnecessary add-ons.

Overall impression: e-Murderer (Jenna Scali Mystery, #1) entertained me! Although I’m not a mystery fan in general, this book had enough twists and turns, interesting characters, and a style that seemed almost a cozy mystery. All in all, an excellent read!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars)

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Take the Body and Run by Jada Ryker – My Review!!

Take the Body and Run – My review!

Take the Body and Run Cover

Have you heard about the Kindle Scout Program? The program encourages authors to submit new books and have the books voted on by readers. Kindle Press publishes the book that garners the most votes. Jada Ryker, whom I have read before, submitted her book Take the Body and Run and won! Because of my previous experiences with her books, I had to read it!

Synopsis (from the author): Macey’s first day in the college employee relations department ends with a knife at her throat.

Macey is certain things can’t get any worse. She’s wrong. An angry employee vows to put her on an online hit list. When he turns up dead, she’s a suspect–and on the hit list.

To keep her secrets and her life, Macey partners with two unexpected allies who cause her pulse to race with steamy attraction–and exasperating annoyance. Vince, a handsome, driven lawman, digs up more than just clues to the brutal murder. Brett, a fun-loving pathologist with a deadly sense of humor, drives everyone crazy with his fart machine-will travel. Macey’s supersized black cat Wikket, possessing courage, curiosity, and crankiness in equal portions, assists in his own grumpy, feline fashion, golden eyes open and claws extended.

What I liked: As with the other Jada Ryker books I’ve read, connecting with the characters is easy. Macey, with her secret past, Brett, with his goofy personality, and Vince, as the no-nonsense lawman, all blend into the story nicely. Macey’s cat provides side entertainment, and Macey’s office staff is an excellent cast of characters. Because of Jada Ryker’s writing, the story itself moves along and, despite having a chick-lit feel, kept me turning the pages. The quirky villains also deserve a mention. Overall, Take the Body and Run is an excellent read!

What I didn’t like: About my only criticism of the book is some of the minor characters could have been fleshed out a bit more. Despite how much I enjoyed the book, those characters could have added a lot to the story.

Overall impression: Filled with fun characters, romance, and a good story, Take the Body and Run is a book to turn to when you need a fun and entertaining read!

My rating: 5 Stars

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Equi Knocks of Karma by Jada Ryker – My Review!!

Equi Knocks of Karma – My Review!

Equi Knocks of Karma Cover


I read the first Carr-Maah Consulting Agency Mystery (Dog Days of Karma) and gave it 5 stars in my review. Now the second book of the series Equi Knocks of Karma makes its way to the top of my TBR list. Here are my thoughts!


Synopsis (from the author): In the second standalone adventure in the Carr–Maah Consulting Agency Mystery series, Celeste Carr and Ericka Maah, business partners and friends, face a powerful and ruthless adversary.

Celeste and Ericka are shocked when Toni Rae Yelton, a self-centered party girl, storms the office and holds them hostage. Desperate, Toni Rae orders the mysterious Ericka to use her alleged supernatural powers to call off the police and the reporters, who are all convinced she’s the sinister force behind her little girl’s disappearance.

Adding to Celeste’s angst, Hobart has vanished. The mysterious man was forced off the streets some months ago. Ericka used a combination of her unusual talents and blackmail to coerce Hobart into working for her firm. He reluctantly agreed. More enthusiastically, at least until his disappearance, he was also Celeste’s boyfriend. Now, Celeste believes something terrible has happened to him.

Celeste is forced to not only investigate, but also navigate the landmines in her life. Celeste’s friend Ericka duels with her arch enemy and business rival, handsome and charismatic Christoph Metre. An odd little dog, curiously attuned to Celeste and using his teeth, claws, and smell for protection, attaches himself to her. When she’s in danger, a devilishly handsome stranger materializes to save her…and makes her less eager to find her missing boyfriend.

As the sinister cords of the mystery tighten around Celeste’s throat, she must find the person behind the mask in time to save not only herself, but others. With the fine Machiavellian hand leaving few clues but many deadly traps, Celeste will have to solve the mystery before it’s too late. 

What I liked: Jada Ryker’s quirky characters are back! Ericka Maah is as mysterious and enigmatic as ever. Celeste Carr still works on her anger issues – especially with Bennett. Hobart’s disappearance adds mystery, and Christophe Metre returns as Ericka’s nemesis and rival. Combine the things above with missing homeless people, a weird dog (who may or may not morph into a handsome stranger that protects Celeste), and the stage is set for an entertaining book!

What I didn’t like: Without giving too much away, Toni Rae’s missing daughter wasn’t critical to the plot and seemed unnecessary. Besides that, no complaints.

Overall impression: Equi Knocks of Karma is an entertaining read. Fast-paced, full of quirky interesting characters, the book had enough mystery and intrigue to keep me reading. I recommend Equi Knocks of Karma to anyone who enjoys mysteries with a touch of the supernatural!

My rating: 5 Stars

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The Eyes of the Accused by Mark Tilbury – My Review!!

The Eyes of the Accused – My Review!!

The Eyes of the Accused Cover

I read Mark Tilbury’s debut novel, The Revelation Room. Because the book was so entertaining, I gave it 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars). When he released the second book of the Ben Whittle series, The Eyes of the Accused, it immediately went on my TBR list. Read on for my review!

Synopsis (from the author): Fresh from the horrors of the Revelation Room, private investigators Ben and Maddie are plunged into a disturbing world of terror as they search for missing pregnant girl, Hannah Heath. Drawn to Frank Crowley, an original suspect in Hannah’s disappearance, Maddie is about to learn the true meaning of evil. But all is not what it seems. Crowley is just a small part of something unimaginable. Something so terrible and deranged it defies reason. After Maddie disappears, Ben is left in a desperate race against time to find her and uncover the truth.

What I liked: Mark Tilbury creates another evil and twisted antagonist for Ben Whittle. Hannah’s character is believable as the kidnap victim. Geoff (Ben’s father), still recovering from his encounter with Edward Ebb (from Book 1) is he irascible self, and Maddie is as courageous and cute as ever. With flashes of Mr. Tilbury’s dark humor, interesting plot twists, and the blossoming romance between Ben and Maddie, The Eyes of the Accused is a worthy successor to The Revelation Room!

What I didn’t like: In spite of how well written the book is, it drags in places, especially during Ben’s disagreements with Maddie and his father on Maddie’s involvement as an undercover operative.

Overall impression: The Eyes of the Accused, like its predecessor, is a dark mystery thriller. Ben Whittle grows into his role, and Maddie is cute, spunky, and a delightful character. Hannah definitely engenders sympathy, and the villain is perfectly dark and twisted. If dark humor, and everyday evil is your thing, The Eyes of the Accused is a book for you!

My rating: 5 Stars   

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Point Of No Return by Diana J. Febry – My Review!!

Point Of No Return – My review!!


My last review dealt with Sasquatches, and this time I visit an English cozy mystery, Point Of No Return by Diana J. Febry. Mysteries are not normally my genre of choice, but I do like to branch out occasionally. Read on to find out my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author): The significance of the noose left hanging outside James Palmer’s barn is obvious to everyone in the village. When threats turn to violence DCI Peter Hatherall has to unmask a master of disguise determined to have their revenge.

What I liked: Diana Febry’s characters are colleagues, friends, and something more. Since this isn’t the first book with Peter Hatherall and Fiona, I didn’t have the backstory of those two, but it made no difference. I could easily relate to them. The story, involving a suicide victim, a gentleman farmer (Palmer) and his wife, and the mysterious Emma, moves along nicely most of the time. The tale flows from the death of Digby (the suicide) to escalating and more frequent attacks on the farm from persons unknown. Peter Hatherall and Fiona follow the clues along twisty paths. But, can they solve the mystery before the stalker kills Palmer?

What I didn’t like: Despite the pace of the story overall, there were a couple of slow spots. Additionally, I thought Daoma and Gordon’s parts were overplayed.

Overall impression: Point of No Return by Diana J. Febry was a nice cozy mystery. Nicely written, with good pace, interesting characters, and plenty of twists to keep the reader interested, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5)

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Dog Days of Karma by Jada Ryker – My Review!!

Dog Days of Karma by Jada Ryker!

Dog Days of Karma Cover


I read Jada Ryker’s Pink Zombie with a Twist, a while ago and found myself with an open spot on my TBR. I looked for a more recent book by Jada and decided to try The Dog Days of Karma. Read on to find out my thoughts.

Synopsis (from the author): Desperate to locate a missing person, Constance Twist decides to call a detective agency. Waiting for directory assistance and muttering to herself about karma, Constance jots down the address for the Carr—Maah Consulting Agency. On the way to the agency, Constance is shoved into traffic and nearly killed.

Celeste Carr is shocked when Constance storms into the office, demanding help. She tries to explain that Carr—Maah is a human resources consulting company, not a detective agency. Celeste grits her teeth when her mysterious business partner Ericka Maah overrules Celeste and forces her to take Constance’s case.

The killer rectifies the earlier error. Constance is brutally murdered as she leaves the agency.

Several hundred miles away, Jose is a restaurant manager and former agency employee. He helped Sonora escape her abusive husband by giving her a job and an apartment. After Sonora unexpectedly flees, Jose finds a hefty online reward for a lost dog. The posting shows Sonora’s image photoshopped with the picture of a dog. Jose follows Sonora’s trail back to his hometown and the Carr—Maah Consulting Agency.

Celeste, Ericka, and Jose, assisted by Hobart, the mysterious homeless man forced by Ericka to become the agency’s office manager, investigate. The clues lead them to a surfeit of viable suspects. His voice heated by the South African sun, Christoph Metre is the charismatic head of the rival consulting agency. Obsessed with the exotic Ericka, Christoph appears with his entourage in unexpected places, including the murder scene. Lovesick Mrs. Grant, in a one-sided relationship with Mr. Crispie, hated it when Constance Twist offered the spry widower lemonade with a Twist. Dr. Britta Spartan, head of the domestic violence shelter, writhes around Hobart like a predatory boa constrictor around a juicy mouse.

If Celeste and her friends can’t solve the mystery in time, they’ll be the next victims.

What I liked: Jada Ryker writes in a conversational and easy to read way. Her characters are quirky, interesting, and have their own mysteries. For instance, who is Hobart Smith really? What late night activities go on while Hobart is upstairs? What childhood trauma did Celeste experience? These are but a few of the things to solve in this book. And, that doesn’t even include the actual murder the HR consulting firm reluctantly investigates. The Dog Days of Karma had enough action to keep me interested and the twists were fun.

What I didn’t like: The only issue I had with the book was the ending. I thought it was rushed and tried too hard to tie the loose ends together.

Overall impression: Dog Days of Karma was an interesting and enjoyable read. I liked the quirky characters, the various mysteries, and the action of the story. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes cozy mysteries!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5)

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The Man With The Green Suitcase by Dee Doanes!!

Dee Doanes and The Man With The Green Suitcase

Now this sounds like an intriguing paranormal mystery! Read on to discover more about Dee Doanes’ The Man With The Green Suitcase!! You can read more about Dee and her work below. I included many different links for you to connect with the author and purchase her book! Read and enjoy.


The Man with the Green Suitcase Cover Dee Doanes


What does…

A prostitute

A corrupt businessman and

A disfigured young woman

Have in common with a mysterious, old homeless man who carries a green suitcase?

The old man comes into people’s lives because it is important for them to experience the visions that he is somehow able to show them—visions that even he doesn’t understand. But whoever he connects with will go through a transformation that will change the course of their life, for better or worse. The old man has no memory of who he is or even what the suitcase holds. But one day he will find out all about his own secret and dark past…

This story is magical realism, realistic with paranormal elements, a mystery that needs to be solved, and a man and woman who will finally realize that they were meant to come into each other’s lives and remain forever.

Author Bio:

Dee Doanes is the author of The Man With the Green Suitcase, her first fiction novel.

She has previously published short stories and poetry. She has a deep passion for writing and has been writing since the age of five.

Dee Doanes has a background in copywriting, communications, and social media.

She’s active in several charities and conducts a youth poetry workshop for the Atlanta Writers Club Youth Writing Camp, and is the former co-chair of the Writing in the Schools Program for Georgia Writers.

Dee Doanes lives in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys spending time with her daughter and parents. Doanes’ mother encouraged her to read and to be creative while growing up. In her spare time, she enjoys attending writing events and workshops, fitness training, collecting art, world travel, and gourmet cooking.

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