Cherufe Lava Monster: The Gemstone Chronicles Book Four: The Ruby

In keeping with the theme of unusual monsters for The Gemstone Chronicles young adult and middle grades fantasy adventure series, the mythical creature of Book Four: The Ruby is the cherufe lava monster! Fearsome looking beast, I think!

Cherufe Lava Monster

According to Wikipedia, the cherufe lava monster is a creature from the legends of the Mapuche people of Chile. The cherufe is an evil humanoid creature made of rock and magma, though it is often depicted as a snake. It likes humans – especially virginal sacrifices – as a delicacy and is rumored to eat the body, then toss the head out of the volcano as a fireball.

The cherufe lava monster lives in the molten lava deep in the bowels of volcanoes. In The Ruby, the cherufe is the guardian of the last of the stolen gemstones from the Elven Bow. Read The Ruby to see if the beat can be defeated!

Interestingly, the creature may actually be based on a real creature that could exist in the extreme temperatures found in volcanoes – much like the animals that thrive near hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean. While such a creature has never been found and the chances of it living are remote, it is not impossible!

The monsters:

There you have all four monsters from The Gemstone Chronicles! The kelpie, a giant, the cockatrice, and finally, the cherufe lava monster. Which one is your favorite – or least favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!! And, if you are intrigued by any of the monsters, check out the books at the following links.





Cockatrice: The Monster of The Gemstone Chronicles Book Three: The Emerald


In The Gemstone Chronicles Book Three: The Emerald, our heroes, Maggie and Aidan have to strike out on their own to free their parents, grandparents, and elf friends from the clutches of the witch Maeva. Once they complete that onerous task, they all have to journey to fight a cockatrice to recover the Emerald for the Elven Bow. Facing this monster is a momentous task!

The Emerald Cover


What is a cockatrice?

What exactly is a cockatrice? According to Wikipedia, a cockatrice is a mythical beast that is born from a chicken egg incubated by a toad. Often confused and somewhat synonymous with the basilisk, the difference is that the basilisk has no wings.

Among the mythical powers associated with the cockatrice is the ability to scorch the very earth with its breath. In The Emerald, the cockatrice blasts the area around the second tower with its horrid breath and leaves the area devoid of vegetation. A second power is the ability to turn any creature into stone simply by looking into its eyes. While this may be a takeoff on the Medusa myth, it serves its purpose in well in the book. The beast protects the Emerald given to it by Naesse.



The picture above depicts the seal of the City of Zwolle from 1295 and it shows Saint Michael battling a cockatrice. Note the weasel in the bottom corner of the picture. Weasels (and their cousins the ferrets), have the ability to withstand the beast’s gaze – something that plays a very important role in the book!

The monsters:

I tried to create a unique monster to guard each of the stolen gemstones. I think the cockatrice fits that bill quite nicely.

For my final monster, I have a very unusual creature that will be the subject of the last post in this series. Without knowing what that monster is, which of the first three is your favorite? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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