The Last Descendant (Sanyare Chronicles #1) by Megan Haskell – My Review!!

The Last Descendant – My Review!!

The Last Descendant Cover

I found The Last Descendant (Sanyare Chronicles #1) on Indie Brag, a site that showcases the best of Indie Authors. After reading the blurb, I added it to the TBR list. Here’s my review!

Synopsis (from the author):

Raised in a realm where humans are no better than slaves, Rie Lhethannien has struggled for decades to earn a meager post in the High Court messenger service. Even training as an elite fighter isn’t enough to earn the respect she craves. Scorned by the high elves who rely on her loyalty, Rie’s closest allies are the fierce carnivorous pixies who travel by her side.

When she’s attacked on a routine delivery by assassins from the enemy Shadow Realm, Rie’s martial prowess keeps her alive…and frames her as a traitor. Facing execution at the hand of an unmerciful high elf king, Rie must forsake her oaths and flee into enemy lands to prove her innocence. The secrets she uncovers may threaten more than her honor or even her life…for war is looming in the nine faerie realms. 

What I liked about The Last Descendant:

The Last Descendant has all the great fantasy elements. Rie, a human coming into unknown powers, intrigue, battles, magic, elves, a forbidden realm, and a quest to uncover the truth. What more can a fantasy reader ask for? In addition, it’s a well-written and well-paced book. Fantasy lovers a series to keep them occupied. Well done, Megan Haskell!

What I didn’t like about The Last Descendant:

I’m not asking for an info dump, but more background on the Shadow Realm would help. I’m sure it comes out in the subsequent books, though, so I’ll have to wait.

Overall impression:

As with all the books I’ve read with Indie Brag Medallions, The Last Descendant (Sanyare Chronicles #1) is well-written and entertaining! Good characters, nice battles scenes, intrigue, and a touch of romance make it a book worth reading! I recommend this one to anyone who likes fantasy!

My rating:

5 Stars

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Riven (My Myth #1) by Jane Alvey Harris – My Review!!

Riven – My Review!!

Riven (My Myth #1) by Jane Alvey Harris showed up in my Goodreads recommendations. Intrigued by both the cover and the blurb, I added it to my TBR list. Read on for my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author):

Which reality would you choose? Seventeen year-old Emily’s dad is in prison for securities fraud and her mom’s strung-out on pain meds, leaving Emily to parent herself and her younger brothers and sister. She’s got things mostly under control until a couple weeks before Dad’s release, when voices start whispering in her head, and Gabe, the hot lifeguard at the pool, notices the strange brands engraved on her arm…the ones she’s trying desperately to hide. Emily doesn’t know how the symbols got there or what they mean. They appeared overnight and now they’re infected and bleeding. She’s pretty sure she’s losing her mind. Stress, insomnia, and her wounded egos drive Emily to self-medicate, which has to be why the nightmares from her childhood have resurfaced, why they’re commandeering her conscious even when she’s awake. It has to be why the fairytale creatures she created as a little girl insist they need her help. Triggered by the return of her childhood abuser and unable to cope with reality, Emily slips completely inside her elaborate fantasy world. She’s powerful in the First Realm, maybe even more powerful than her attacker. It would be so easy to stay there, to lose herself in enchantment…to lose herself in love. But something sinister lurks in the forest shadows. Emily soon discovers her demons have followed her inside her fairytale. They’re hunting her. With the help of the Fae, she frantically searches for the weapons she needs to defeat her greatest fears and escape back to reality before the man who tortured her can prey on her younger brothers and sister, too. Time is running out…

*Non-Explicit Trigger Warning: This book deals with the issues of child molestation and child abuse. 

What I liked:

Riven had many of the elements of classic fantasy. From the Fae, the First Realm, and the dragonflies in the real world, to the runes cut into her arm, the intrigue and magic made the story seem real. Emily’s substance abuse and her mother’s illness provided the perfect reasons to slip between worlds. The abuse noted at the end of the synopsis, though horrible and uncomfortable, wasn’t explicit and didn’t overtly dominate the story. Emily’s escape mechanism from the trauma did dominate the story and, by using fantasy elements to depict her protection, Jane Alvey Harris did an exceptional job handling the topic.

What I didn’t like:

At times, the story was difficult to follow, especially when Emily interacted with her siblings. It was sometimes unclear whether she imagined everything or if her siblings also saw what she saw. Gabe’s insistence to be included in Emily’s life (despite the fact it was explained late in the book) was a bit odd for me.

Overall impression:

Excellent characters, a good story, and memorable fantasy elements made Riven (My Myth #1) a book to read. Certainly not for early YA, this one is geared more toward older teens. The book handles a difficult subject well, but with the fantasy elements dominating the story, it is a good read. Fantasy fans should read it!

My rating:

4 Stars

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The Bow of Destiny by P. H. Solomon – My Review!!

The Bow of Destiny – My Review!!

The Bow of Destiny Cover

After a couple of science fiction books, I’m back to fantasy with The Bow of Destiny (The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1) by P. H. Solomon. This one comes from an Amazon recommendation and I’m glad they recommended it!

Synopsis (from the author):

Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real.

This unique epic fantasy will keep you turning pages as Athson discovers his destiny is both inconvenient and unavoidable.

Athson has seen things that aren’t there and suffered fits since being tragically orphaned as a child at the hands of trolls and Corgren the mage who serves Magdronu the dragon.

When a strange will mentioning a mysterious bow comes into his possession, Athson’s not sure it’s real.

But the trolls that soon pursue him are all too real and dangerous. And they serve Corgren and his master, the hidden dragon, Magdronu.

Athson is drawn into a quest for the concealed Bow of Hart by the mystic Withling, Hastra.

But Athson isn’t always sure what’s real and who his enemies are.

With Corgren and Magdronu involved, Athson faces frequent danger, his grasp on reality, and the reasons behind his tragic past. 

What I liked: P. H. Solomon built a cool world! I related to the characters easily and I enjoyed their adventures. The actions scenes entertained me and the hint of romance between Athson and Limbreth added a nice element to the story. Athson and Hastra’s uneasy relationship gave an extra bit of intrigue.  The antagonists, Corgren and Magdronu, played their parts well and rounded out the story. The Bow of Destiny is a good fantasy book!

What I didn’t like: Despite all the good things listed above, there were a couple of things I didn’t like. First, Athson’s reluctance to accept is destiny was repetitive. Similarly, Limbreth’s struggle to tell Athson the truth was repetitive.

Overall impression: The Bow of Destiny (The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1) was a good book with lots to like. Good solid characters, good story, complex relationships, romance, and intrigue all combine for an enjoyable tale. I recommend this one to all fantasy readers!

My rating: 4 Stars

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Tainted Waters (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 1) by Lucretia Stanhope – My Review

Tainted Waters – My Review!!

Tainted Waters Cover

Tainted Waters (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 1) by Lucretia Stanhope (a Goodreads recommendation) was a different fantasy novel and one that I enjoyed! The combination of elves, witches, and magic took new directions and was a lot of fun!

Synopsis (from the author): Half witch. Half light elf. Welcome by neither. Alice is alone and desperate to fit in at her aunt’s coven when she embarks on a dubious quest for cave nettle.

Dark Elf. Decker is a leader running out of time. Isolated from the main cave system due to a hex making the water in his cave toxic, even the war his clan demands won’t save them.

The two must put aside centuries-old survival instincts and work together to save lives and preserve the fragile treaty between the coven and clan.

What I liked: Alice was a plucky heroine with a different outlook on life than most of the other witches. Decker was a sufficiently evil foil, but he and Alice somehow worked together. Jasper played an important role in the story as well, but I can’t say much without spoilers. Suffice it to say the intrigue, action, and creepy parts of the book made Tainted Waters a most enjoyable read!

What I didn’t like: I would have liked more on Alice’s background and why she was sheltered like she was and how she came to live with her mother. I also wasn’t that fond of how things ended with the witches. Other than that, not much to dislike!

Overall impression: I liked Alice and Jasper and Decker became somewhat of likeable by the end of the story. The witches weren’t too likeable, but made for good characters. Alice’s journey to discover her magic so she could try to save the Dark Elves was a great background for the story. Lastly, the action and the story itself were entertaining! I recommend Tainted Waters (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 1) for YA audiences and fans!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars)

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Ring of Fire by Stevie Rae Causey – My Review!!!

Ring of Fire – My Review!!

Ring of Fire Cover

My TBR list is all over the place. I have fantasy, crime thrillers, dystopia, and more fantasy on the list. First up is Stevie Rae Causey’s Ring of Fire, the first of her two book series.

Synopsis (from the author): What If Everything You Knew Was A Lie?

Kala’s people have been at war with the Mystics, a group of magical beasts and beings, for as long as she can remember. It was Mystics who killed her parents. Or so she thought.
When an elf saves her life, Kala’s whole world is turned upside down. The line between right and wrong blurs as she finds herself falling in love with the enemy.
Hiding their affair isn’t easy, and when Kala confides in the wrong person, a new war ignites. Can their love unite their people, or are their people doomed to repeat the past? 

What I liked: Ring of Fire had much to like. First, Kala’s character was easy to identify with and her relationship with Azlyn (the elf who rescued her from her kidnapper) was a great backdrop for the story. Cazlyn, Azlyn’s nephew was a great character. Nice world building and the inclusion of the other races added depth to the tale. Overall, I enjoyed the book!

What I didn’t like: Some of the book was slow to unfold and was predictable at times. Other than that, no complaints from me!

Overall impression: Ring of Fire by Stevie Rae Causey was an entertaining read. It had enough twists, turns, and intrigue to keep my attention. With solid characters, good storytelling, and a touch of romance, I would recommend this one to anyone from tweens and older who enjoy a good fantasy!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars)

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Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford, #1) by F. P. Spirit – My Review!!

Ruins on Stone Hill – My Review!!




I went back to my fantasy roots for this review. As with many of my recent reads, this one came up on my Amazon recommendations, so I decided to read Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford, #1) by F. P. Spirit. Here are my thoughts!

Synopsis (from the author): It has been nearly one hundred and fifty years since the end of the Thrall Wars, when the four dread Thrall Masters wreaked devastation across the land of Thac. The world has been relatively quiet since, but dark things have started to rise again around the little seaport of Ravenford. Monstrous bandits stalk the woods to the west, huge creatures terrorize farms to the north, and a dark presence has taken up refuge in the ancient ruins to the south.**

The town’s only hope may lay in four newcomers: a fearless young warrior with blades of fire, an elven wizard as deadly to his friends as his enemies, a cynical halfling who just may be an assassin, and a quiet gnome whose very touch can heal. Banded together with the tall warrior, Titan, and her mercenary companion, the novice heroes set out to confront these creatures of darkness. Yet they quickly find they are facing more than just a few rogue monsters, for there is a greater force behind them all.

From eerie woods to underground caves to haunted ruins, the young heroes encounter terrifying monsters, creatures of the night, and demonic sorcery. Can they stand against the forces of darkness, or will they too fall prey to the evil that has targeted Ravenford.

What I liked: Ruins on Stone Hill took off with a bang and the action was good throughout. The heroes prove themselves as stout companions and great friends. Joined by Titan and her companion, the band best monsters, mages, and trolls while dispensing their own brand of justice. Plenty of sword and sorcery action, short interesting quests, and touches of romance made the book an enjoyable read!

What I didn’t like: My chief complaint about the book was the overuse of certain words like smirk and snuck. Rarely did a character smile or grin, but they smirked a lot. Besides using snuck in the narrative, a few other grammatical errors jarred me out of the story.

Overall impression: Despite the issues listed above, I enjoyed Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford, #1)! Plenty of action, cool quests, interesting monsters, and enough magic kept me reading. I would recommend this one to any fantasy reader!

My rating: 4 Stars

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Wham! (Timewalker Book 1) by Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps – My Review!!

Wham! (Timewalker Book 1) – My Review!!

Wham! Cover

I read the Heart of the Staff series by Carol Marrs Phipps and Tom Phipps and enjoyed it tremendously. When the duo released Wham! (Timewallker Book 1), it went on my TBR immediately! Read on for my thoughts.

Synopsis (from the author): When the World Alliance seized power from all the governments of the world, they said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to unite all the nations of the globe under one banner in order to bring universal peace, equality and prosperity to the world.

To most families throughout the world, the rise of the Alliance and their grandiose promises meant little. They had long grown weary of the lies of the corrupt law-makers and heads of state and were far more concerned with their day-to-day struggles to survive.

The Greenwood family was no exception, and for a time life went on much as it had before the rise of the Alliance. In time, individual cultural and racial identity were outlawed. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary to create a more harmonious, homogenous world community. The Greenwood family adapted.

But then they took away freedom. They made it mandatory for all households and public buildings to have skinwelers, crystal spying balls in every room, in order to watch the people’s every move. They said it was for the greater good. They said it was necessary for public safety and civil order. And the Greenwood family adapted.

But then the state took their family farm and lands and moved them to Gollsport where they had built barracks for all the displaced citizens. They said it was for the greater good. They said the countryside had become contaminated by farm chemicals and the relocation was for their continued health and safety. Once again, the Greenwood family adapted.

But then they came in the night and took away seventeen year-old Tess Greenwood’s entire family. They said it was for the greater good. They said Tess would adapt and in time she would be far better for it.

But Tess cared not for the Alliance’s greater good. She did not adapt. She wanted her family back and vowed to do whatever she must in order to see them again. Little did she know, that to keep her vow, she would have to become a timewalker.

What I liked: Wham! Brought back great memories of The Heart of the Staff series by tying the old with the new. Though the books are nothing alike, the familiarity was a great bridge. I liked the dystopian feel to the world, and Tess was an easy character to like. Nia was a sympathetic character in impossible circumstances, but found friends, an unlikely ally, and an uneasy relationship with the potentate. Add to the mix Maxi the troll (and an amazing hairdresser), and the stage is set for an enjoyable tale.

What I didn’t like: Maybe it will come in future books, but I needed more background on how the world reached its current state. Additionally, the dialogue from Maxi was a bit hard to follow.

Overall impression: I liked Wham! the start to the Timewalker books! As mentioned above, I liked the bridge to The Heart of the Staff series, and the characters were excellent. As with The Heart of the Staff series, Wham! (Timewalker Book 1), this is a series fantasy readers will enjoy!

My rating: 4.5 Stars (rounded to 5 Stars)

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Dragon Dreams by Dusty Lynn Holloway – My Review!!

Dragon Dreams – My review!!

Dragon Dreams Cover


It’s hard to believe 2017 is almost here. That means my final review for 2016 will be for Dragon Dreams (The Chronicles of Shadow and Light Book 1) by Dusty Lynn Holloway. Read on to find out what I thought about this fantasy novel!

Synopsis (from the author): A prophecy of murder.

An elf hunted by dragons.

One man who risks everything to save her.

Nachal is a human that should not be having prophetic Dragon Dreams. But he does. Every night he dreams of an elf running through flames, trying in vain to outrun the Rebel Dragon Obsidian. Every night he sees her fall. Sees her eyes close. Feels her heart as it slows, and then stops. Every night, through the connection of the dream, he dies with her. It’s a spiral that he can’t control, and it’s slowly driving him insane.

Auri is an elf raised by a powerful human king not of her own blood. Left behind by the mother who perished far from the elven isle El`dell, she seeks to forge her life among the humans. Her journey takes her to the land of her heritage. To a place that holds both a haunting betrayal, and a miracle that just might save her life.

Together, they become embroiled in a conspiracy where destinies are intertwined, love is born in the fallout of ultimate sacrifice, and the only path to victory lies through the searing flames of dragon fire.

What I liked: Dragon Dreams has all the fantasy elements! Dragons, elves, a grumpy dwarf, romance, an epic quest, and the fate of a world in the balance make the story entertaining. I enjoy Nachal’s tormented character, Auri’s character is an interesting blend of human-raised elf and heroine-to-be, and the dwarf is the perfect foil to Nachal. Add Liran the Watcher (another elf) to the mix and the plot thickens. All this against the backdrop of the looming war with Obsidian and his forces. Plenty to keep me reading!

What I didn’t like: Dragon Dreams dragged in places, and the romantic interaction between Auri and Liran, and Auri and Nachal muddies the story. I think a little more backstory could help the book, too.

Overall impression: Dragon Dreams is a good start to the Chronicles of Shadow and Light series. Good characters, an interesting plot, a couple of surprise revelations, and the beginning of an epic adventure makes this a book to read!

My rating: 4 Stars

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Suwanee Fest 2016 – A Great Weekend – Even With the Rain!!

Sorry I’m a little bit behind on my posts. Been a crazy couple of weeks! And the crazy weeks started with Suwanee Fest 2016!

Suwanee Fest? What’s Suwanee Fest? Well, as many of you know, I live just north of Atlanta, GA in Buford, GA. Just south of Buford is Suwanee, GA, Suwanee is a small city of about 18,000 people. Every year, the city hosts Suwanee Fest. The event website refers to the festival as “Two days of family, friends, food, and fun!” I can attest to the fact it was all of that!

There was a ton of entertainment (including my favorite Who’s Bad – The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute Band), great food, almost too many amazing exhibitors to count, and The Gemstone Chronicles!

Yep, I was there with books in hand to meet and greet new friends and readers of the series. And it was a blast! Not only did I sell a few books, but I also met so many awesome people. I talked about gemstones for hours, referred a few to my favorite gem hunting spot (Gold n’ Gems Grubbin’), and got to spend a couple of hours with my brother John and my niece Aidia. Overall, not a bad way to spend a Saturday! Below is the picture of my booth before the fun began.

Suwanee Fest Booth

Book interest was at an all-time high, and my editor extraordinaire Abby (who doubles as the City of Suwanee Public Information Officer) tried to stop by a few times to say hello. Every time she tried to stop by, though, I was interacting with new friends! Like I said, not a bad way to spend a Saturday!!

Unfortunately, Sunday was not the best day. Despite the great entertainment, the rains came and wouldn’t go away! Nonetheless, The Gemstone Chronicles staffed the booth in hopes of meeting more new friends. Alas, it wasn’t to be as the rains kept visitors away. On the plus side, though, John came by (and helped me pack up during one of the few breaks in the rain) and I had the chance to talk with Abby for a few minutes.

Suwanee Fest 2016 was a great event and I hope to attend again next year! If I met you, sold you a book (or 4), gave you a gemstone, or simply talked about gemstones, thanks for stopping by the booth! I truly appreciate each and every person who took time out of their celebration to visit with me and buy a book. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If we did interact, and you have my contact information, give me a shout and let me know.

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Silevethiel by Andi O’Connor – My Review!!

Silevethiel – My Review!!

Silevethiel Cover


I’m back in my favorite genre (fantasy), but wanted something new from an author I haven’t read. I saw Silevethiel by Andi O’Connor and thought it looked like a good read. I was correct!


Synopsis (from the author): Following her father’s murder, Irewen is betrayed and left for dead in the forests of Mistwood. Rescued by an elf, Irewen awakes an exile with no home, no country, and no people. But as the horrific memories of murder and betrayal return, she realizes the nightmare is only beginning.

The world of Vaelinel is failing–its fate bound to her in ways no one fully understands. A mysterious elven prophecy may provide her with some answers, but continuously hunted and fighting for her life, Irewen quickly learns that unearthing the truth will be more difficult than she ever imagined.

Can she accept the friendship of the Wood Elves, or will she stand alone against the terrifying evil now threatening to destroy the entire world?

What I liked: Silevethiel is a good read! The elves paired with the animals (Protector and Guardian) is a unique twist on characters, and Laegon’s Guardian has a few great lines. Laegon’s character is easy to relate to, and Irewen’s spoiled princess to warrior growth makes it interesting. Her cousin’s betrayal sets the stage for the story, and, though predictable, still provides intrigue. In addition, the evil spirits that attack the cave are a great enemy! The burgeoning romance between Irewen and Laegon adds a nice touch, while Irewen’s embrace of her heritage plays nicely into the ending and sets the stage for the next book.

What I didn’t like: Though I understand the reason, the time spent in the cave dragged a bit for me. More time spent in Mistwood learning her heritage and discovering her abilities might help. A few of the developments are too predictable.

Overall impression: Silevethiel is a nice read. The characters are well-developed and the story has enough twists and turns to keep it interesting. I enjoyed the banter between Laegon and his Guardian Bregen, and the fight scenes gruesome enough for most fantasy fans. I recommend this one to readers who enjoy elves, magic, and a little romance!

My rating: 4 Stars

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