Area 51, The Raid, and Even More Mysterious Military Bases!!

Area 51, the Raid, and even more mysterious military bases!

Area 51 Sign

My readers know that I enjoy a good conspiracy theory. I’ve even mentioned a couple of my favorites in previous blog posts about The Knights Templar and Rosslyn Chapel. But, as evidenced by the large number of people who expressed interest in storming Area 51 (a PRANK post on social media), it seems I’m not the only one who likes to ponder the what-ifs of the conspiracy theories.

Not to distract from the Area 51 takeover, but there are other bases as equally mysterious as Groom Lake. A couple are near Area 51, but the others are scattered around the country. Some are familiar names and others are shrouded in secrecy. Let’s start with Area 51.

What will people find if they do try to storm Area 51? Let’s examine what we know.

  • The site was unacknowledged until 2013, when the CIA admitted it existed
  • The official names of the area are Homey Airport (KXTA) or Groom Lake
  • According to declassified documents, the site was built to assemble and test the U2 spy plane
  • Area 51 has a 12,000 foot runway (commercial runaways are usually 6000 – 8000 feet long)
  • The nearest public access is about 26 miles from the base (long walk across the desert for those who want to storm the citadel)
  • The “camo dudes” are the contractors who patrol the perimeter of the area and they take their jobs seriously
  • Deadly force is authorized

Things suspected at Area 51 (among others):

  • Alien spacecraft (from Roswell and other crashes)
  • Alien remains
  • Reverse engineered technology
  • Super secret aircraft
  • Alien Landing base
  • Development of weather control
  • Development of time travel and teleportation
  • Tunnels leading to other DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)

If the Area 51 Raid happens, one would assume the USAF (or the CIA or the aliens) would move any objects, materials, bodies, etc. before the storm troopers arrive. Since the stuff would be gone, I’m not sure why anyone would do it (again, this was a PRANK).

Other Mysterious Bases:

Area 51 Map

Seriously, though, there are a few other bases that rival (or perhaps exceed) the mystery surrounding Area 51. Area 52 is near Groom Lake (at the edge of the Nellis Range). It intrigues conspiracy theorists for the experimental aircraft rumored to fly there. Also know as Tonopah Test Range (TTR), some say a clean nuclear device hollowed out a cavern under the base that is home to up to 25,000 troops. It supposedly has an underground high speed rail system as part of its infrastructure (possibly to move the aliens around to other sites without exposing them to the public).

Dugway Proving Ground is another secretive base. Located in the Utah desert, the base is used to test biological and chemical weapons defense systems (according to Wikipedia). For conspiracy theorists, Dugway may house some of the spacecraft and technology previously stored at Area 51 and may even operate its own alien spaceport.

My favorite secretive base, though, hides in plain sight. Wright-Patterson AFB (WPAFB) is just outside of Dayton OH and was the home of Project Bluebook. Project Bluebook and other iterations of the project investigated UFO reports from 1947 until 1969. in 1976, the files transferred to the National Archives in Washington DC. Barry Goldwater supposedly asked Gen. Curtis LeMay if he could have access to the secret UFO room at  WPAFB. Gen. LeMay allegedly told the Senator that he could not and not to mention it to him ever again. Many believe WPAFB is the home to most of the UFO information, technology, and remains and that Area 51 is a red herring to distract people from the true repository.

What do you think?

There you have it! My take on the (PRANK) takeover of Area 51 and a few other mysterious military bases. There are others that we could look at, but the real question is what do you believe? Are aliens among us? Do we reverse engineer their technology and then release it gradually over time (like the famed Men In Black)? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Rosslyn Chapel – The Mysterious Church in Scotland!!

During our 30th anniversary trip to Scotland, Lana and I put Rosslyn Chapel as one of our “can’t miss” destinations. We visited it on the same day we visited St. Andrews and The Old Course and I’m so glad we did!

Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel and Dan Brown’s The Davinci Code:

What is Rosslyn Chapel? On the surface, it is an small old church in the Scottish countryside that belongs to the Sinclair family. Mysterious in its own right for the multitude of odd carvings that cover the inside and outside of the church, Rosslyn Chapel gained famed and a bit of notoriety as part of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code. Readers of the books and viewers of the movie will recall Rosslyn Chapel as the place where Sophie Neveu discovers she is the blood descendant of Jesus. Whether you subscribe to that version of things or not, Rosslyn Chapel still is a mysterious place.

The Apprentice Pillar:

What makes Rosslyn so fascinating are the carvings that cover the inside of the church. According to our guides at the site, Rosslyn Chapel was founded in 1446 and sits on land still owned by the Sinclair family. Stone masons and apprentices worked on the building and the carvings. One of the most interesting stories concerns the Apprentice Pillar near the altar of the church. As the story goes, the master mason wanted to travel abroad to see the pillar he had been commissioned to fashion at Rosslyn. His apprentice dreamed of the pillar and set to work on it while the master was away. When the master returned, he saw the finished pillar and asked who dared to do the work in his absence. When he discovered his apprentice carved the pillar, the enraged master mason stuck and killed him in the chapel. The master mason was executed for his crime.

Rosslyn Chapel Apprentice Pillar

Legend says that carved heads of the apprentice and master gaze over the chapel from opposite corners of the interior. To further the master’s punishment, his carved head faces the Apprentice Pillar and has to gaze upon the pillar for eternity! If you look closely at the picture below to the left and right corners, you can see the heads.

Rosslyn Chapel Apprentice and Master Heads

Unfortunately, photography isn’t permitted inside the chapel (though we didn’t know that when Lana snapped a picture of me standing near the Apprentice Pillar). Too bad, because the carvings inside are what makes Rosslyn Chapel such an enigma.

Rosslyn Chapel Beebop at the Apprentice Pillar

Carvings, Decorations, and The Knights Templar:

Virtually every surface has a carving of some kind on it. From pagan symbols like The Green Man, to gargoyles, roses, musical notes, bagpipers, and so much more, the carvings spawned books devoted to interpreting what it all means. Of course, such mysterious things lead to conspiracy theories and one of the most famous connects the Knights Templar to Rosslyn Chapel. Here are just a few of the carvings:



Rosslyn Chapel Carving

Rosslyn Chapel carving


Now to the Knights Templar. As I understand the theory, in 1307 King Phillip of France urged the Pope to declare the Templars heretics and confiscate their lands and property. Many believe Phillip owed the Templars much money and seizing their fortunes could relieve the debt. When the raid happened, the treasure ships had disappeared. Some believe that a high-ranking Templar official was a member of the St. Clair family (in English Sinclair) and had the treasure spirited away to Scotland. The Sinclairs finished Rosslyn around 1446 or almost 140 years after the raid, so the timeline doesn’t work. If the Templars hid the treasure in the Rosslyn area, where did they hide it for all those years?

Timeline issues aside, there is a vault beneath the chapel. The docent we spoke with confirmed the vault’s existence. However, she told us it is the Sinclair family burial vault and only contains the remains of Sinclair family members. Her assertions aside, others believe it is the hiding place of artifacts. Some believe the Holy Grail, The Spear of Destiny, the True Cross, and the Menorah stolen from Rome by the Visigoths (after the Romans stole it after sacking Jerusalem) rest at Rosslyn Chapel. To add to mystery and the conspiracy theory, the Sinclair family refuses to allow excavation under the chapel.

What do you think?

What do you think? Is Rosslyn Chapel simply a place where masons could come and practice and perfect their craft or is it the resting place of some of the greatest artifacts in human history? Either way, the place has an astounding number of mysterious carvings, and a history shrouded in mystery. If you get to Scotland, put this one on your list of places not-to-miss!

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Nuclear Powered Aircraft – In Dawsonville, GA!?!?

Nuclear Powered Aircraft!?

Readers of my blog and The Gemstone Chronicles know that I spent a decade in US Navy riding submarines and recruiting. I was trained as a nuclear reactor operator, and still keep up with some of the news in the nuclear world. My lovely and adorable bride, Lana, introduced me to a very cool website While browsing the site, I came across an article on a government research facility from the 1950’s in Dawsonville, Georgia. What does this have to do with submarines or nuclear power? Well, this research facility was used to test the radiation effects on various materials and the surrounding forest in an effort to build a nuclear powered aircraft! The map below, though kind of hard to read, shows the layout of the site.

Nuclear Powered Aircraft Site Map

According to our friends at Wikipedia, the site was the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory (or AFP No. 67) and was run by Lockheed. The purpose was to test various military vehicles and the surrounding forest to assess the effects of nuclear war on the environment and wildlife and the do research on a nuclear powered aircraft. The site was closed in 1971 and sold to Atlanta as a potential site of a second airport. The topography wasn’t suitable for an airport, and nature has reclaimed much of the site. Here is a picture of the hot cell building.

Nuclear Powered Aircraft Hot Cell Bldg

With the secrecy surrounding the site, it comes as no surprise that most of the documents about what was done in the forest remains highly classified. And no nuclear powered aircraft came from the work. It does make me wonder, though, if some of the experiments led to materials used on submarines.

I did further research and found a lot of conspiracy stuff (not surprisingly) about the site. I also found claims of animals with interesting deformities and abnormalities. There are alleged sightings of deer with two racks of antlers, albino black bears, and other such creatures. In the research I did, one of the reactors on site was an open air (or naked) reactor that was hoisted into the air while operational and without shielding, allowing the radiation to blast the surrounding forest. Personnel at the site were in underground shielded areas during the open air testing. The picture below shows the site circa 1960.

Nuclear Powered Aircraft GNAL-Circa-1960-Web

The underground facility was supposedly six or seven levels deep, but who knows for sure. When the site closed, the entrance tunnels were collapsed and sealed. One of the remaining visible buildings is the hot cell, which is also sealed and surrounded by barbed wire fencing. The hot cell is where they placed irradiated materials for further study. The building was deemed to be too hot to demolish until the radiation levels subsided more. That might be another 30-50 years…

The area is now public land managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails, and you can kayak down the Etowah River that runs through the site.

As you can imagine, I have to take a trip up there to look around. It isn’t very far from where I live, so maybe next weekend might be a good time to go! When I do, I will be sure to post pics and do a follow-up to this post.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, we never had a nuclear powered aircraft. The USAF did experiment with a reactor in a plane, but that was to test the shielding for the crew. The reactor never actually powered the engines. I do recall when I was in Idaho in the Navy, there was an experiment going on to convert nuclear power for space travel, though, but I don’t know much more than that.

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Georgia Guidestones – An Update and a Mystery!!

I have a lot of interests. They include writing The Gemstone Chronicles fantasy adventure series, submarines, gemstones, gold prospecting, softball, quantum physics, and conspiracy theories, just to name just a few. As many of you recall, I did a post about the Georgia Guidestones. My first exposure to the Guidestones was an episode of Brad Meltzer’s show Decoded. After seeing the show, Lana and I visited the Guidestones near Elberton, GA and took some interesting pictures. I had to do some research to discover more about the story behind the stones. I chronicles all of that in the earlier post. Now, I have an update and a mystery involving the Georgia Guidestones!

Let me refresh you on the background on the Guidestones. They were commissioned in 1979 by a man who called himself R.C. Christian (a pseudonym). He represented a group who wanted to leave set of “guidestones for an age of reason.”  The monument was completed in 1980 and has been controversial ever since it opened. Why so controversial, you might ask? Many conspiracy believers think that the monument lists the commandments for a New World Order. Others think that the first guideline advocates mass destruction of humanity since it dictates to maintain the Earth’s population at 500,000,000. Still others are concerned about the principle that states “Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for Nature – Leave room for Nature.”

Here is a picture of the monument, followed by one of the English slab. These pictures were taken in 2013.


Georgia Guidestones



English Slab

Now for the mystery! The story goes that the English language slab had a corner cut out during the fabrication of the monument. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the notch in the upper right hand corner. Nothing mysterious about that, I guess, but there is a report that a cube of granite was placed in that notch by persons unknown. Engraved on the cube were the numbers “20” and “14.” On the other sides of the cube were other inscriptions, including “8”, “16”, “MM”, “JAM.” An Elberton official supposedly removed the cube and destroyed it. Here is a picture of the cube from youtube!

Guidestones Mystery Cube

Georgia Guidestones Mysterious Cube

Of course, the insertion of the block with the inscription of 20 and 14, created a furor. Was R.C. Christian’s mysterious group back? By adding 2014, was the group informing the world that the commandments listed on the Guidestones were about to be implemented? Was this another group trying to capitalize on the notoriety of the Guidestones? Was the New World Order about to implement its agenda?

Although I don’t know any of the answers to the questions, the mystery deepens. I think the story of the Guidestones would make a great basis for a novel, so I might just have to work on that!

What do you think about the installation and removal of the cube? What about the Georgia Guidestones in general? Do you believe there is something sinister or Satanic about them or are they just an innocent effort to remind people to care for the Earth? Leave me a message and let me know! Tell your friends about this post and have them stop by and leave a message! As always, shares and feedback are welcome!

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