Gemstones Again!! Faceted Emerald, Quartz, and Citrine!

Gemstones again! I haven’t done a gemstone post in a while (partially because I haven’t been gemstone hunting due to other commitments – like marketing The Gemstone Chronicles), but I now have some very cool stones to showcase! Before I get to the final versions of the gemstones, though, I wanted to show you what the stones looked like when I found them.

The first stone is an emerald. I sent this one over to my gem cutter friend because it had a great green color when illuminated by a strong light. And, the natural shape was pretty cool!

Gemstones Again Emerald

I know the picture doesn’t show the green color. It was difficult to capture…

The second stone I want to show you is a quartz crystal. I found this one and it was extremely clear. Now, I believe the stone is beautiful in its natural state. What do you think?


Gemstones Again Quartz

The final stone is a citrine. For those not familiar with citrines, they are the same stone as an amethyst, but with different impurities to give them a yellowish-orange color.

How did the gemstones turn out? I think they are amazing! Here is the finished emerald. While not as green as Lana’s emerald from posts past, or what I envision the Emerald from the Elven Bow in Book Three: The Emerald, it is a great stone!

Gemstones Again Emerald-Cut-Emerald-6.5-Carats-Web

If you recall from my Rubies and Diamonds post, I asked my gem cutter friend Gene to facet two round brilliant cut quartz stones. They are 1.25 carats each. Here is a picture of them!

Gemstones Again Faceted Gemstones Round Brilliant Cut Quartz

Round Brilliant Cut Quartz


To match these, I asked Gene to cut the quartz rough above in a brilliant cut, as well. I think he did a fantastic job! I can see this as a pendant or perhaps a really big ring!

Gemstones Again Round-Brilliant-3-Carats-Web


The last stone is the citrine. I have a bunch of citrines, but they are usually so fractured inside that they aren’t really suitable for faceting. The stone above seemed very clear and, as it turned out, it was!

Gemstones Again Citrine-Princess-Cut-1.7-Carats-Web

Apologizes again for the pictures as they really don’t show the beauty of the stones, but, as you can see, this Princess Cut weighed in at 1.7 carats and is a great yellow color!

I have to go through the stones I found this past weekend and see if I can find a few more to send to Gene! I also plan to start creating cabochons after the holidays, so stayed as I post progress on them!

What do you think of the finished stones? How do you think they should be mounted? Gold or Silver settings? Pendants or rings? Let me know how you would mount them?

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Happy Holidays!!

Dahlonega Literary Festival – Gold Mine of Books & Authors

Dahlonega Literary Festival!

Dahlonega Literary Festival – Gold Mine of Books & Authors!

When most people think or hear about Dahlonega, Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind is the Dahlonega Gold Rush. And why not, with all of the gold that came out of the hills in the area! Gold mining, on a much smaller scale still persists to this day. I even do a little prospecting myself!

Dahlonega gold nugget

Dahlonega gold nugget

The Dahlonega Mint was commissioned in 1835 to mint gold coins from the gold found in the Dahlonega area and, perhaps, some of the California gold. According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, during its history, the Dahlonega Mint coined over $6 million.

Dahlonega Mint Coins


Today, though, I want to discuss another type of treasure found in Dahlonega. The Dahlonega Literary Festival is a gold mine of authors and their books. Set in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, it’s an amazing event!

Come celebrate the 10th anniversary edition of the festival on March 8-9, 2014 at the Community House and St. Luke’s. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and book signings!

The very cool thing for me is that I have the honor of participating in the Festival as a Regional Author! I get to join in the fun, interact with festival goers, and meet the other authors. As a reader, the idea of meeting writers is exciting to me! As a writer, the opportunity to meet and greet readers is simply awesome!!

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Follow this link for more information about this year’s Dahlonega Literary Festival!

Visit the links below to find out about the authors, their books, and pictures and bios.


Regional Authors:

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If you are going to be in the Dahlonega area on March 8-9, 2014, make plans to stop by the Dahlonega Literary Festival. Discover books and authors in the North Georgia Mountains!

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