Fascinating Facets….

Fascinating facets!

One of the more fascinating aspects of gemstones are the faceted jewels. You know the ones: brilliant cut diamonds, emerald cut emeralds, square cut rubies – the list can go on and on.

Very hard and translucent stones are favorites for faceting. Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, quartz, and emeralds are examples of stones that are often faceted. Below are a couple of photos of faceted gems that we found rockhunting at our favorite spot just outside of Cleveland, GA. The loose stone is a 2.25 carat emerald (emerald cut) and the other is a 2.5 carat peridot set in a silver ring. I am waiting for Lana, my lovely and adorable wife, to decide what setting is appropriate for the emerald, but I gave her the ring for her birthday.

Uncle John (my rockhunting brother) found some nice emeralds on his last hunting trip and he has dropped them off with our gemcutter. Hopefully, John will soon have some stones that I can feature here! And, John and I will be heading to NC to hunt emeralds in early October. But for now, enjoy the pictures of Lana’s jewels and the fascinating facets!!

Fascinating facets Peridot Ring

Lana’s peridot ring



Fascinating Facets Lana's Emerald

Lana’s emerald


Which of the stones above is your favorite? Since the emerald was one of my first gem finds, I’m biased. The peridot is gorgeous, though! And just to be clear, they don’t come out of the ground looking like this! I’m curious which you readers prefer.

You can leave me a comment, connect with me on Twitter or Facebook, or send me an email at bill@williamlstuart.com. I look forward to hearing from you! I’m interested in seeing some of your gemstone finds, so feel free to share a photo and let us know where you found them (unless it is your super secret location)!


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About Bill Stuart

William Stuart is a ten-year veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force, works in the animal health field, and is the proud father of his daughter Laura and grandfather of two wonderful grandchildren, Aidan and Maggie. When he isn’t working, he enjoys rock-hunting, gold prospecting, playing softball, playing golf, and dabbling in woodworking. He lives in the Greater Atlanta area with Lana, his lovely and adorable wife of more than twenty-five years.

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