Gemstones in The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian

One of the more fascinating things about writing a book is that you have to do research on the elements of the plot. That research can be on locations, historical events, historical figures, mythology, legends, and yes, gemstones. In The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian, the mystical and magical attributes of gemstones provided much of the material for me to formulate the plot and the action – and I learned a lot along the way.

For instance, I learned that staurolite is the official mineral of the state of Georgia. It really does form “fairy crosses” (see photo). The fairy cross in the photo is a St. Andrews cross.

Gemstones Fairy Cross

I also discovered that sapphires have many wonderful properties. Sapphires are associated with the Wind, Water, and Earth elements. A sapphire enhances defense magic, spirituality, creativity, and discipline. I adapted its defense magic property into a stone of power. Most people think of blue when they think of sapphires, but sapphires come in many different colors: blue, green pink, and white just to name a few. A red sapphire is actually a ruby!

Warriors in ancient times carried garnets for protection in battles. They believed the red stone would prevented wounds.

Bloodstones are thought to help with bleeding and healing injuries among their many other properties. Those attributes came in very handy in The Gemstones Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian.

Aquamarine was truly a stone that sailors carried to save them from drowning and seasickness. I doubt that it was very successful for drowning prevention, but it may have helped with seasickness (maybe mind over matter).

Lapis Lazuli, a blue stone with gold flecks, is a stone of truth and revelation.

There are many other examples of the mystical and magical meanings behind gemstones. I don’t have enough room to list them all, but like I said at the beginning, research is one of the fascinating and illuminating aspects of writing!

What are your favorite gemstones? What magical or mystical properties do you associate with your gemstones? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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